As I sit here waiting for the latest Grocompany collaboration with Orla Kiely to drop, it occurs to me that this may not be normal. Am I sad? The answer is probably yes!

I first started admiring/buying Orla Kiely products around six years ago, but since then it has almost become my staple in that apparently I am awkward to buy for so people buy me something Orla Kiely related!

It got a little bit extreme in around 2012, when unbeknown to me, Orla collaborated with the japanese brand Uniqlo –  I happened to be in China when it launched. Oh my goodness, the choice was amazing, as I was the tallest and broadest person in China at the time, I had my choice of the entire collection as no one was buying large! (I was my heaviest at the time). So rather than choosing a few t-shirts, long sleeved tops, dressed and scarves – I bought everything the flagship store in Shanghai had (which exception of one shirt in purple and brown because I knew I wouldn’t wear it). This came to around £650 (worked out cheaper than UK Uniqlo due to the conversion rate), so this justified my decision! I’d got an entire new wardrobe of clothes for £650, it was a no brainer!

So, as I had so many new clothes to wear, suddenly I started wearing nothing but Orla Kiely for Uniqlo and it became a little bit of a running joke. Then I got a handbag and purse for my birthday that year, then I found the Orla collaboration with Peopletree….and so it spiralled, my cat is even called Orla Kitty!

The cambridge dictionary definition of obsessed is unable to stop thinking about something. I definitely don’t sit and think of Orla design constantly, but it is definitely my go-to if I am decorating or needing homeware.

I don’t usually like many of the mainline clothes, they’re not aimed at my price range nor style. I’d feel far too dressed up in them! But the collaborations have been excellent. I’ve even been known to have parcels from America sent so that I could get cot bedding and baby change bags from the collaboration with Target.

Last week saw me justifiying in my head that we needed a new pushchair (we didn’t) just because the Orla Kiely x Maclaren pushchair was in the sale at Boots (it was a bargain). At times like these I definitely feel like I am Becky Bloomwood from the Sophie Kinsella Shopoholic series! (UPDATE: this wasn’t the bargain I’d hoped for see here why I had such problems with maclaren and their lack of customer service)

Here are some images of pieces from my collection (this isn’t even all of it). Does anyone else have a similar obsession with a particular brand or designer or is it just me?

[supsystic-gallery id=5 position=center]