Keeping the car clean when you have kids

Whilst having kids is great, there is one thing that you will quickly realise as a parent. Kids are messy, and this mess isn’t just resigned to your home; it can appear anywhere you have your children with you. 

Pexels – CCO Licence

This even means that you can start to see their mess in the car. If you use your car regularly or drive it long distances (or even if you don’), the last thing you will want to find is a messy, dirty and disorganised car, whether it’s a brand new Bentley or a bit of an old banger.  

But, where do you start? How do you keep your car clean when you have kids just ready and waiting to mess it up again?  

Have space to organise 

As a parent, you need to make sure that your car has space to organise and tidy some of the things that can build up in there. Of course, many of these things already have another home, but if they don’t, you will need to make somewhere for them to live. This may mean adding storage to your boot or any other part of your car. 

Clean regularly 

This might seem like an obvious tip, but kids can quickly make a mess of your car, which means that if you don’t want that mess to build up over time, you will clean it regularly. Even better, make it a chore and ask the children to help you to clean your car once a fortnight.  

Give them a place for trash 

If you don’t give your children a place to bin their trash, how can you expect them to keep the car clean? Ensure that your kids have their own trash disposal spot that they can use to throw their junk away rather than it ending up on the floor.  

Cover your seats 

Worried about the state your seats are going to be in? Not sure that you know a way to clean them? If this is true for you, you will want to invest in car seat covers. These protect your seats and are completely washable, which means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them regularly. 

Remove the smells 

Cars can get stinky over time, which is even worse if you have children eating snacks in your car. If you don’t want to ban them (which might be a better idea if we are honest), then you can always leave a bowl of vinegar in your car overnight and then remove it in the morning. The smell will be gone.  

Have stain remover to hand 

Whilst you may not be able to clean the seats when you are driving, you can get to wherever it was that you were going. This means that it is worthwhile having a stain remover in your car ready to use if you spot a stain. This could be shop bought or hand-made, it is down to you.  

There are plenty of ways that you can try and keep your car as clean as possible, even with your kids doing their best to make it messy. So, what are you waiting for? Try these tips out and see if you can gift yourself a beautifully clean and organised car.