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Welcome to my brand spanking new guest post series, Mums and Music! As many of us don’t have the time to be going out disco dancing much anymore, this series is to give us mums the opportunity to reminisce about songs we may have forgotten, have a laugh at what we used to think was cool and take some time out to listen to something other than cbeebies theme tunes! This week I am very pleased to welcome Jade from Mummieswaiting to kick things off!


A little bit about Jade

Hi, I’m Jade from Mummieswaiting, I have two young children are rarely get a chance to enjoy my music anymore (Moana has taken over!) I work 4 hours a week running a Youth Group and use the travel time to sing my heart out. I also just let go on holiday and don’t care what anyone thinks!

A song from Jade’s Childhood

The Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree

This song always makes me smile and I will play it every Christmas to show my children too. Each year in December me and my sister would lay with our heads underneath the Christmas tree and sing this song, once it was over we would remember to talk to the fairy on top of the Christmas tree so she gets noticed. One year on the eve before Christmas Eve, we had a house fire and ended up with no Fairy. Once I was old enough to have my own pay pal account I tracked an identical fairy down and now have her sitting on my tree so I can still sing to her and notice her every year and my children can too.

Song that makes Jade happy

Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling

If you know me, you will know that holidays are my passion. If I’m not on them, I’m planning them or writing about them, so it makes total sense that the songs that make me happy the most are the songs that I remember dancing to on holiday (I would NEVER dance anywhere else).
It’s so funny to think that when I was younger I hated ‘Just-in, Now-out Trousersnake’ as we called him, but now I am swinging, singing and celebrating with his music daily.

Song that psyches Jade up

Panetoz – Dansa Pausa

Yes, you’ve guessed it another holiday song! This song makes me go crazy. Me and the girls are running around the house cleaning, getting ready or just loving like while singing to this. It’s pretty impossible to not dance to and pause.

Song that makes Jade sad

Luther Vandross – Dance with my Father

This song was played at both my granddads funerals last year and also speaks to me so much. I miss both of them (and what a coincidence it was played at both) but I also have an on and off relationship with my own father, my parents split when I was 5 and I often wonder if I missed out on all the things in the song. Mostly it makes me sad to think that one day my mum won’t be here anymore and I will no longer get to do things like dance with her. Right, I have to stop there, I won’t be able to type through the tears soon.

Jade’s favourite song from film

Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My wings

I love this song so much, the film always makes me think of how lucky I am to have my mum around and the relationship that we share. I had this song played on my wedding day and myself and my mum danced to it, it will always bring fond memories.

Jade’s favourite tv theme tune

Gilmore Girls

Such a fantastic programme, its funny, serious and has so much mother and daughter relationship in it. It always makes me feel good to watch it and the theme song always gets me singing.

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