Planning Tips For Your First Family Holiday Away


When you have young children, you’ll probably feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when you book your first ever family holiday with them. If this is your first child then you get to experience the joy and wonder of seeing a fresh pair of eyes opened up to a whole new world of international travel. Watching their intrigue, curiosity and excitement as they see, experience and engage with a new culture is a wonderful and unique experience for a parent. Travelling with any child, however, especially the very young carries with it certain logistical considerations that a parent should be mindful of in order to really appreciate and enjoy your holiday.

Preparing for an all inclusive holiday with kids should be an exciting time but it’s perfectly natural for parents to experience some trepidation when planning for the first time. Here are some tips to help it go as smoothly as possible so that you can focus all of your attention on enjoying yourself and creating memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life…


3 months before

It’s best to apply for your baby’s passport as early on as possible (make sure that yours and your partner’s are up to date as well). Typically these take at least 3 weeks to process, but why wait until the last minute and risk not getting it on time? Applying several months in advance will enable you to enjoy peace of mind in the lead up to your holiday. You should also organise your travel insurance (or ensure that your existing policy has been updated to include your child). Contact your hotel to ensure that they have baby friendly facilities such as cots and high chairs. If you’re flying long haul then contact your travel agent or airline to ensure that they provide you with a travel cot so that your baby can get some much-needed sleep on the plane.



3 weeks before  

By now you’re probably researching your holiday destination, checking out fun things to do or fascinating places to visit, but you should also throw some logistical planning in there as well. Look for shops and supermarkets in the area around your hotel. Do they stock your chosen brand of nappies (unless you want to eat into your luggage allowance by packing them, which can be a nightmare). If you’re likely to be renting a car then ensure that the rental car provider will be able to provide you with a car seat. You could take your own as luggage but the weight could seriously dig into your luggage allowance.  Taking baby food and formula through airport security can prove problematic so it’s worth pre-ordering some formula or baby food from any of the airport’s on-site chemists. Most offer this service, usually 10 days before your travel date.

With all the boring stuff taken care of, you can relax and look forward to spending some precious time with your new family in the sun. Have a great trip!