Things to pack for holiday

When people plan a trip away, the excitement of choosing a destination and shopping for new clothes for the big day often clouds the mind of what is really important

You may have seen it before: you’re queuing at the airport and someone is arguing with the airport desk because unbelievably, they’ve forgotten a passport. A passport. The single most important thing you need to board a plane and fly off to wherever you’re going!

Organising a holiday takes more than just choosing the right sarong or destination with your favourite cocktail. You have to be organised enough to remember the important stuff, and we are going to walk you through the things that people often forget to include in their carry-on for their holiday.


Paperwork is the most boring part of going on holiday, isn’t it? Renewing passports to make sure you have enough time on it to travel, visa and travel authorisations (which you can find at and travel insurance are all things that are forgotten easily by hopeful holidaymakers. The way to combat this? Make a list of everything you’ll need for your specific destination and have it pinned on the inside of your suitcase, so that while you pack you won’t forget.


First Aid

Always check with your chosen airline what you can and cannot take with you on a plane, but a small box of the essentials should be included. Painkillers, any prescribed medicines, allergy meds or asthma pumps should all be remembered and included. Sure, you could probably pick up a local remedy but why spend out or claim on insurance if you don’t have to?


Luggage Tags

All you have to do is go online to see how many airlines are irresponsible with passenger luggage. Your plain, sophisticated black suitcase needs to stand out. Buying the brightest name tag you can find and adding your name and address is smart. That way, if your luggage is misplaced, it’ll be delivered back to the right house!



if you’re about to embark on holiday to a place you may not have visited before. Leaving a little bit of space in your suitcase for souvenirs and any purchases you make while abroad is a good thing. You can then avoid going overweight on the airport scales on the way out, and you can bring things home! We always like to bring something back that reminds us of where we have been. Some better than others!



If you are planning to bring technology and shavers with you to a country that has a different pin system for their plugs, you need an adapter! Airport prices can be crazy for adapters, so bringing your own in your hand luggage will mean you pay less and still can charge your camera!



You may be staying in an all-inclusive resort, but you need to remember to bring your own towel or two! One for the shower, one for the beach. Some hotels don’t provide complimentary towels and the worst thing is to turn up and discover that after a long flight!

Can you think of any other essentials?