EET is one

My darling E – I can’t believe we are here already! You’re one! In 365 days you’ve collected almost as many nicknames as days you’ve been alive! There have been:

Arlo from Darlo (you weren’t supposed to be born there and I wanted to call you Arlo!)


Boss Baby

Squidgy Man


Baby Fomo

Kevin De Bruyne

image of baby first year milestone cards

You’re definitely your own person and I love that about you. I just wish you’d sleep a little more! You’re so small for your age, you’re currently wearing age 6-9 months clothes and even then the trousers are far too long and far too wide around the waist. We’ve really had a lot of time together, you and I and I am so glad I took as long as I could off on maternity leave. Although, it is going to be so hard to leave you with Grandma and for you to start nursery, although I think you are so ready and you’ll absolutely love it!

You’re such a smiley little boy, who loves nothing more than being out of the house and being involved in whatever is going on. Your favourite things to do include Baby Yoga and Hartbeeps. When you were born, your brother had a little bit of difficultly adjusting to life as an older brother, but now you’re interacting with him, you get on like a house on fire. I love to watch you both together and you don’t let him boss you around, which is great and definitely what he needs.

You seem to have been teething since the day you were born and I think you have about 11 teeth now. You still won’t drink milk from a bottle, but I am trying so hard to stop your sleep association with breastfeeding and I am looking to switch you over to cows milk now that you are one. It will be a sad day for this journey to end, but we both need a better nights sleep and I will be going to work soon, so I simply cannot function on the little sleep you have been letting me have between feeding/comfort sessions for the past year.

You’ve been to Bluestone, Center Parcs and CBeebies Hotel and we are looking forward to meeting our friends next week for a trip to the lakes. Experiences with you are always a pleasure little man and I hope that the world never dulls your sparkle.