Google searches when you have a newborn baby

Google search history when you have a newborn

I thought I’d have a look through my google search history to remind myself of exactly how clueless I have been and how much I have resorted to google’s help in the first few months! It has also been a great memory aid for things I’ve forgotten! I googled everything in the first week, it seems!

google search

Month One (first 13 days of RLT’s life!)

  1. Can you see baby moving when in labour
  2. Newborn thinks they’re choking
  3. Newborn gagging on mucus
  4. Bit of blood in nappy 2 days old
  5. How to know when to stop breastfeeding session
  6. Sleeping on side 3 days old
  7. Breastfeeding when can i give dummy
  8. 4 days old hasn’t pooped in 24 hours
  9. britax parasol
  10. can newborns get chickenpox

Month Two

  1. baby massage
  2. mamababybliss
  3. new dad gifts
  4. baby development tummy time
  5. UKpaedos (apparently you can check what has made the news in your area, so I did)
  6. baby development day 21
  7. How much tummy time at three weeks
  8. are pheromone plugins bad for babies
  9. local hairdressers
  10. baby constipation
  11. bedside cots
  12. baby development 30 days
  13. miss polly had a dolly lyrics
  14. what is a poke stop pokemon go
  15. kevin mccallister
  16. avent bottles
  17. what does it mean when a cat licks your hand
  18. baby scared in sleep falling
  19. stop flies in conservatory
  20. lifecake