Note to self – me six months ago

Note to self – to me six months ago, knowing what I know now.

I’ve decided to write a post to myself six months ago, to get down the things I’ve learned and to encapsulate what a journey the past six months have been!

Hi Crabstix

So your little boy is due about now, these are the things you will never believe about the next six months:

  1. You will be happier than you have ever been and laugh more than you have ever laughed.
  2. You won’t be as anxious, as you are not at work.
  3. To date, you have not had notice of redundancy, which you feared.
  4. You appear to still have a job to go back to.
  5. You will ask for more time off as your maternity leave has gone too fast despite your concern about changing your job, because baby is more important.
  6. You will be as bad at housework as you’ve ever been.
  7. The cat hasn’t moved out.
  8. The baby is happy and healthy.
  9. He is an incredibly happy, smiley baby.
  10. You will not be phased by the magnitude of the task of parenting.
  11. Mark will continue to breathe loudly in your ear when trying to sleep.
  12. You are actually surviving on maternity pay.
  13. You actually like to shop in next for baby clothes.
  14. You like your baby to be in rompersuits – he may start looking like George Dawes soon if you don’t let him wear clothes.
  15. You will continually get annoyed at little comments people make and them trying to fix the agenda – just ignore them and enjoy maternity leave.
  16. You won’t make a batch of mum friends and meet up in Starbucks for chats.
  17. Mark will get offered a job opportunity, which will make work/life balance that little bit harder.
  18. You will have spent almost 30 grand on house and baby within that time (GULP).
  19. You will go out with sick on your top because you don’t even know it is there.
  20. You will continue to hate the smell of bananas and popcorn, despite no longer being pregnant.
  21. Don’t got to B&Q on bank holiday weekend in August – some idiot will crash in to your car and you’ll be in agony with your back and shoulder – but don’t panic, baby is not hurt but at that point you will know what is like to be a worried parent.
  22. You need to get a plumber in before you get new carpets as the idiots you’ve bought the house of have neglected to tell you that the radiators in the kitchen or dining room don’t work due to a pipe issue which will involve a lot of floor board ripping up and holes in walls – you don’t want to find this out the week before Christmas with a six month old baby and 10 people to feed on Christmas Day.

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